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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: ECCIC,ECCIC Group
  • Model Number: ECCIC-WEB
  • Website language: Asp.net
  • Language: multi-languages
  • Programming: C#. Net/jsp,php
  • Item: international B2B2C Trading Platform Ecommerce Website develop
  • Time: Within 7 days see result
  • Color: Customized Color
  • Payment: Installment, 1 time payment ,rent
  • Free trial: You can free trial to see the front-end and back-end
  • Website database: MS SQL
  • SEO: Yes

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: by email or hosting for international B2B2C Trading Platform ecommerce website builder website design and development ecommerce site web builder
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 7 days after payment
Product Description

international B2B2C Trading Platform ecommerce website builder website design and development ecommerce  site web builder


 B2B series ecommerce website is a powerful,friendly use website developed by iSoftvalley.com,support open a store freely online.We enhanced website visit experence which will attract more visitors and transfer more visit to sales Visitors will have a pleasant shopping journey,they can search,add to carts,pay the order,manage their order very conveniently.In payment ways we integrate most popular payment ways such as paypal,west union,pick up ect.In currency part we have integrated most of the major currencies such as EUR,USD,GBP and so on.Visitor can also share the products with their friends by social network like facebook,twitter.Our ecommerce website also support multi language so it will convenient international users. For better accommodate to the development of mobile internet,B2B have launched mobile version like iphone app version and android app version,so your visitor can conveniently visit your online store by smartphone.


  B2B refers as the supply and demand for e-commerce transactions are both businessman (or enterprise, company), they use the Internet technology or all kinds of business network platform to complete the process of business transactions.These processes include: supply and demand information, order and confirm, payment process and notes issued, send and receive, determine the delivery plan and monitor distribution process, etc. 
Through B2B transaction the buyer and seller to complete the entire online business process, from establishing the initial impression, to shop around, and then to bargain, sign the bill and delivery, and finally to customer service.B2B business transactions reduce many transactional workflow and management costs, reducing the costs of enterprise management.The convenience and extension of Network make the enterprise to expand the scope of activities, trans-regional transnational enterprise development more convenient and cheaper.

B2B Advantage

Reduce the purchasing cost 
Enterprise through setting up electronic commerce between enterprise and supplier, to realize automatic online purchase, can reduce the both sides traded for investment of manpower, material resources and financial resources.Procurement in addition, the enterprise can through the integration of enterprise internal purchasing system, unified procurement to suppliers, procurement in batches for the discount.Such as Wal - Mart will be in the United States more than 3000 supermarkets join together, through the network to procurement and distribution, unified by batch purchasing saves a lot of purchasing cost. 

Reduce the inventory cost
Enterprise with upstream suppliers and downstream customers to establish a system of electronic commerce between enterprise realize manufacturing-according-to-sale, to decide for production, to realize the unified, the efficiency of logistics and maximum control inventory.Such as Dell by allowing customers to order online, the efficiency of enterprise business processes, reduce inventory costs.

Save the turnaround time 
Companies can also be through with suppliers and customers to establish a unified e-commerce system, achieve the supplier of the enterprise and enterprise customers direct communication and transaction, reduce turnover links.Such as Boeing purchasing spare parts from a supplier, but a large part of the spare parts is to meet its customer airlines aircraft maintenance.To reduce turnover in the middle of the link, the Boeing company through the establishment of e-commerce implementation Boeing's direct communication between suppliers and customers, greatly reducing the turnaround time of spare parts.

Expanding market opportunity 
Enterprise through online business relationship with potential customers, can override the original hard through traditional channels covering market, increase the enterprise's market opportunities.Such as Dell through online direct marketing, 20% of new customers from the small and medium-sized enterprises, with the enterprise electronic commerce between the establishment of the enterprise, greatly reduces the both sides of the transaction cost, increase the interests of small and medium-sized enterprise customer online purchasing power.


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Graphic Design


SEO & SNS Marketing

SEO & SNS Marketing

Send inquiry on our service page:
> http://isoftvalley.com/servers/websiteDesign/businessWebsite.html

1.ECCIC- a professional designer for webs.

2.Creative and Innovative

3.B2B,B2C,C2C Company website designer

4.Quote based on the time cost of designing


The product picture only supplies the reference, but we can design similar. 


Runtime enviornment


B2B series products were developed by Asp.Net,and the database is SqlServer,the version of .Net should be higher than 4.0,and the database version should be higher than SqlServer2005,so the hosting should be Windows,the version of the Windows should be Windows 2003,2008,2012.


2.Other Versions

There are other 4 version of B2B series products,Andorid version,IOS(iPhone,iPad) version,iNet version,the clients can select one of them to buy,but the PC version is required.

In addition to recommend purchasing, any ancillary  products need additional custom fee


If you have purchased B2B series products,you can download the website files and database at "My Orders" page,we will provide you the help document to teach you how to make your website to be online,if you still don't know how to upload your website and install the database after read the document,you can buy the service "Upload to server",our tech team will help you make your website to be online,and the usually it will take about 2 hours to complete the operation.


We don't provide the domain service even you have purchased our B2B series products, you need to buy the domain in the hosting company,we recommend some famous hosting companies for you,  www.net.cn  , cloud.qq.com , Godaddy. After you have purchased the domain,if you don't know how to change the DNS,you can submit the workorder with your hosting account,then we can change this for you.



We will provide you 1 year free hosting if you have purchased our B2B series products,or you can buy another hosting,remember that the server should be Windows,and the version should be higher than Windows 2003,we recommend some famous hosting companies for you,  www.net.cn  , cloud.qq.com , Godaddy,both of them provide the cloud server. CPU should be over  than 2-core,memory should be over  than 2G,band width should be over than 10M,and the disk space should be over than 20G. Usually you will get a free database if you have purchased a server,you need to buy the database if the database is not free,the database version should be higher than 2005.



B2B series products include mailbox setup,it can send and receive any alarm messages(register,order,transport),so you need at least one main mailbox as SMTP,  and it requires the account number,passport,SMTP address and port of mailbox. You can find all of these in settings in your mailbox, or some mailboxes need opening this service,usually for free. If you still don't know how to handle it,you can send the work order to our technicians. They will handle it for free for you.If you have no mailbox, you can buy from domain name service providers.You will get a mailbox for free when buying a domain name. You can add many sub-accounts in main account as inboxes.

7.Backup and Restore

B2B series products support database backup and restore online.We suggest clients back up your data weekly or at a fixed time,then download the backup files from the server to your PC. Even you have lost the data, you can upload local data immediately and restore.

8.Technical Support

Once you have purchased our B2B series products, you can use it for a whole life.We provide 24-hour technical services for free and will never charge for you at a  later time. This service only applies to solving technical matters ,excluding addition and customization. If you need to customize other functions, we will provide you a new quotation.

Our Advantage

1.Powerful Newsletter

B2B series products support subscription.If you want to send active news to clients at fixed periods,you can purchase newsletter product,which the data of clients can be transferred simultaneously(from B2B) , imported and exported.Newsletter product includes more than one thousand themes, you can change it anytime and anywhere.You just need to set dispatching plans,our system will send it automatically at a fixed time.


2.Powerful Cow-online

Cow-online is a real-time communication software. Buyers and you can communicate with each other online immediately via Cow-online.If you purchase Cow-online,we integrate it on your B2B website for free.With this software,you will attract more clients,which helps sales a lot.

3.Cloud Forum

ISV has a powerful Cloud Forum,which shared freely by clients. You will find clients and providers of related sectors,and you will know clients'demands and find better providers.You can post relevant messages to share with others,or you can post questions to ask others.Also, you can answer others' questions.Meanwhile we have specialized team to solve your questions.You can get latest trends of related sectors and learn better marketing knowledge via Cloud Forum.


4.Powerful iVendor

iVendor has over 100 thousands products(increasing) to choose from.You do not need to worry about lacking providers and source of goods.You can update B2B products to sell anytime and anywhere.You can also upload your more products onto iVendor.You will be others' provider and get more selling channels.

5.No changes?Of course not

The traditional E-commerce websites are always changeless,you only use it all the time after you purchase it.However it's a progressing age, and technology are updated day by day. You will find that previous something are out of fashion if you look at them with fresh eyes.If you want to change some modules or popular functions,you will pay again.However if you use our B2B series products,you can use over thousands of free modules(producing daily) and change theme anytime and anywhere,because we will update latest technology all the time,and clients will update for free.With our iVendor system,you will sell whatever you want to sell.

6.Technical Support

Once you purchase B2B products, you will use it for a whole life.No following extra charges.Upgrade freely.Change modules freely.We provide 24-hour online service for you.


1.What is B2B?
B2B(Business-Business) is an e-commerce platform which was developed by iSoftvalley.com.

2.Does B2B have a mobile version?

B2B series products have five versions,and they are PC, Android, IOS(iPad,iPhone) and iNet versions,covering all of your clients.


3.Does B2B support free trial?

B2B series products support free trial,on the page you can see the text "Free Trial",just click it,then you can enjoy a 30 days free trial .

4.How long will it take to finish a B2B website?

B2B series products is a mature product,so you can use it right now after you have purchased it.

5.How to pay for B2B?

Once you have purchased B2B series products,you can use it lifetime.If you take orders on ISV,you can choose our ServicePay to pay (recharge first and pay later,save %2). You can also choose Paypal and Alipay to pay online, or you can transfer money at the bank.


6.What services included in B2B series ?

Website+Lifetime service+over 100 thousands products downloaded freely+free website template+uploading servers+free upgrade+24-hours technical support.

7.Does it support installments?

You can pay by installment. Click on "pay by installment" on product page, you will be provided several plans to select.

8.Do I need purchase a domain name?

You need purchase a domain name by yourself.We can recommend some famous domain name providers for you.There are www.net.cn. and cloud.qq.com in China.If the domain name and server are in China,the domain name needs to be registered.If the server is not in China,this is not need.Please refer to the register process of domain name providers if you want to know the details.Also you can buy the domain at www.godaddy.com,a famous hosting company.

9.Which sever should I select?

If you purchase our B2B series products,current we only support Windows server,the version is Windows 2003,2008,2012 or higher version,and the database should be SqlServer,the version should be 2005,2008,2012 or higher version.


10.Can I change my store template?

There are many hundreds of free templates in B2B,you can change the template anytime


11.Does B2B series products support to provide source code?

All B2B series products do not support provide the source code.


12.Can I customize functions what I want  for the website?

Of course you can.Whatever functions you want ,you can send your ideas in Customize Project at ISV .Our technical team will provide you a professinal quotation after they have assessed your requirement.

13.Will you still provide technical support after I have purchased?

We provide 24-hours free technical support,and resolve your questions right the first time.You have several ways to contact our technical team.

1,Workorders:we provide  workorder system to resolve your any after-sale problems.You can present any technical questions to our technical team.We will respond you(only for paid orders) rigth the first time(within half an hour). 

2.Messages:Servicepay has a specialized message system to resolve your all pre-sale and after-sale problems. We have specialized technical team to serve you.You can present any question for us,and we will reply you right the first time. 

3.Cow-online: Cow-online is an artificial intelligence system,which has two types.One is intelligent reply.You can present your questions to Cow-online,then Cow-online will find your questions in our question base and reply you.Another is manul service.If Cow-online can't resolve your problems,you can click manul service to communicate with our customer services.

14.I don't know what products to sell.What should I do?

No worry.We have taken it into consideration.We have strong iVendor,and you can download products directly from  iVendor to sell.At present,there are over 100 hundred products.If you have your own product channel in the future,you can also upload your products to iVendor,then you will be a provider and you can distribute your products.

15.I'm bad at computer,what should I do?

We have a professional expert team.We will provide one-to-one guidance , or you can get help from help center.


16.Is service sustainable?

We have had experience in researching and developing for 15 years,which serves over 9 thousands clients and 2 hundreds nations around the whole world.The annual rate that our clients are increasing reach 30%.So there is a security on our services.

17.Do you provide on-site service?

All B2B series products do not provide on-site service,because they are software products,all operations will be completed on Internet.


18.Can I copy a new B2B series product to sell?

If you have purchased the B2B series product,you need to active your website at the first time,then you can use it,so you can not copy a new website to sell.


19.Are there other package services?

B2B series products have many package services,currently,we only shows some hot package services.Of course you can choose other services, Logo Design,Banner Design,Business Card Design,SEO,Marketing,EIB(host your website here),Android App,IOS(iPhone,iPad) Apps,iNet App,Translation Service,Picture Beauty Service,Upload Products Service,Package Design Service,Print Service,and other services.If you want other services,you can check our Service.

20.I have purchased other versions of B2B series products,what should i do next?

We will provide you all the apps for you if you have purchased.

1.If you have purchased Android version,first you need to confirm that whether you will upload it to Google Play,if not,you can download the app .apk file then upload it to your server or to our app store .Otherwise you need to apply a developer account at  Google Developer first(the price is $25/year),then upload it,usually the checking time is about 20 days,then you can download and visit it by your Android phone.

2.If you have purchased IOS(iPhone,iPad) version,you need to upload it to the Apple app store ,then your clients can download it.You need to apply a developer account at Apple Developer Center first(the price is $99/year),then upload it to your store,usually the checking time is about 30 days,then you can visit it by your iPhone or iPad. 

3.If you have purchased iNet version,please download the iNet and install it,then you can download the app in the app store.

4.We will provide you the help document to teach you how to do this,and also we can help you to do this if you have provided us the developer account.





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